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Week of March 22, 2015

Segment 1: North Korea - The Great Leader and The Fighter Pilot

Blaine Harden is the bestselling author of, The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot. He tells the story of how Kim Il Sung grabbed power in North Korea and plunged the country into war with the United States, while the youngest fighter pilot in his air force was playing a high-risk game of deception, and escape. No Kum Sok (American name: Kenneth Rowe) flew his MiG-14 fighter jet to South Korea, delivering it to the Americans in 1953.

"In North Korea, the Kim family has used the fact-based narrative of that bombing to legitimize their rule for the long term. What they say is, 'sure it's dark, it's poor, it's isolated in North Korea, but we're protecting you from those Americans. And you remember, that those Americans where the ones who killed your grandma'."

-Blaine Harden

Segment 2: Movie: "The Song"

** Features in-studio performances of "The Song" and "All I Want to Be."

"Ultimately, I think the message is that without God, life is meaningless."

-Alan Powell

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Week of March 15, 2015

Segment 1: A Middle-Class Family in Lahore and a Nation on the Brink

The Reza family live in Lahore, Pakistan and have three adult sons. The eldest runs his father's shop at the bazaar; the middle son has been radicalized and is being trained for a suicide mission; the youngest is in law school and has dreams of reforming Pakistan. Author and State Department diplomat Haroon Ullah, The Bargain from the Bazaar: One Family's Day of Reckoning in Lahore has written the story of this family and what it means for the larger struggle for the soul of Pakistan.

"Look, we've seen this movie before. Sure, we cut off the aid - we did that in 1992. And what happened less than ten years later? I mean, this place is still the most dangerous place in the world."

-Haroon Ullah

Segment 2: Pakistan at War With Itself

"They also send out messages that are very religious in nature. If you look at the Pakistani Army website, it’s all about Islam. And they encourage recruits on the basis of defending Islam, not just defending Pakistan’s borders."

-Pamela Constable
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